• Free Quran's in Ramadan!

    Every month, the ShareIslam project mails out 100s of Qurans to those interested in learning more about Islam. Now for estimated $6/package you have a chance to sponsor a English translation of Quran mailed out to non-Muslims and new Muslims.
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  • Support Guide US TV

    Muslims must have our voice in today’s media, a strong and accurate voice in plain English to give the right message of real Islam. Today Guide US TV is a full broadcast station with staff, equipment and 4 platforms- Free to Air Satellite, Internet, Apps, and Set Top Boxes- BUT We need more!
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  • ShareIslam Dawah

    15 years ago we made some of the first websites for dawah in English. We stayed up all night learning coding and taking classes to build some of the most basic websites- all to convey the basic message of every Prophet ever Sent There is nothing worthy of worship except the One True God
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by Yusuf Estes


ShareIslam project has made the Quran accessible to a wide audience. Allowing anyone to know each and every word or phrase from Qu...

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