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by Yusuf Estes

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shareIslam15 years ago we made some of the first websites for dawah in English. We stayed up all night learning coding and taking classes to build some of the most basic websites- all to convey the basic message of every Prophet ever Sent
There is nothing worthy of worship except the One True God

Fast forward to today, we have thousands of articles, websites and webpages in all languages to explain

What is islam
Who Is Allah
What is the Quran

And clearing up Misconceptions

What is Jihad
News from Islam
Clear it ALL UP

We do this all free to clear up Islamophobia and to serve the Muslims. Which is why we need your help to keep going. We need to update our sites, migrate the servers and re-organize everything. The cost is large and monthly so we need your initial help to launch!

No Amount is too big or two small, Just make sure to do something for this effort!

Are you a developer and want to volunteer? Please fill in the form at and send us an email insha Allah

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May, 2021

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