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The Estes Heritage Foundation

This is Yusuf Estes with a very important announcement that will Insha Allah, please all our followers and supporters: The Estes Heritage Foundation. The project will bring together all our resources under one central portal.

As many of you know, for decades, we have been providing a variety of free resources and tools to advance the cause of Islam including dissemination of the true teaching of Islam; correcting misinformation and lies about Islam; and facilitating dawah to non-Muslims. Many Muslims and non-Muslims alike have benefited from our simple, logical, and straightforward presentation of the message of Islam. Around the globe, many people continue to trust us and depend on us for answers and responses to the deluge of misinformation about Islam in recent years by Islamophobes and anti-Islam websites. Despite our limited financial resources, we are happy to note that we were able to meet this challenge with the help of Allah by adding new websites and new content in an easily accessible format. As a result, the popularity of our various websites grew by leaps and bounds and to this day remain the most sought-after sites for authentic information about Islam and Muslims. Alhamdulillah, over the years, we have received an overwhelming and steady stream of positive feedback.

We are grateful to Allah for the success of our efforts. To keep the momentum going and to extend the usefulness of the various tools and resources long after we’re gone, we are adding more content and merging all existing resources and tools-

Such As:

The free Quran mail-outs

our Dawah hub (

Islamic video sharing (

World wide and Satellite Television Broadcast of Guide US TV (

Everything will join in, under one umbrella. To accomplish this, we are urgently asking your assistance dear beloved brothers and sisters. Please join us in this effort. Help us bring the message of true Islam to the people in simple English.

Our Plan?
We are looking for 10 for 10- give just $10 /month & Share with 10 people

We are asking that you pledge to give at least $10 dollars each month and to share and encourage at least 10 people to join the effort. Please take a few minutes to share this and to spend any amount you can spare (or the suggested $10/month) to give back to Allah some of what He has provided for you. Every amount helps in the sight of Allah. The reward is from Allah and may He accept our efforts. Remember to share!

Some of the projects we are doing:
Global Conference and Public Speaking

Global Dawah TV Station

Mass Quran and Dawah Material Mailouts

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